Republicans will walk away from Interstate Bridge Replacement program talks if Washington’s tax on Oregonians passes

Bi-state Bridge Committee of 16 legislators from Oregon and Washington has been providing oversight to the Interstate Bridge Replacement program

SALEM, Ore. – Several Oregon Republicans are prepared to abandon a Bi-state committee currently negotiating the Interstate Bridge Replacement between Oregon and Washington if the Washington Legislature passes a 6-cent tax on Oregonians’ fuel.

“Republicans will not stand by and let Washington raise the cost-of-living for our residents without a fight,” said Senator Lynn P. Findley (R-Vale), a member of the Bistate committee.

“If the majority party in Washington thought we would turn a blind eye when they force us to pay for their roads, they are mistaken,” added Representative Shelly Boshart Davis (R-Albany), who also serves on the committee. “If this unconstitutional tax passes, then Washington should pay the entire cost of the Interstate Bridge Replacement themselves.”

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