Republican Leaders Statements on Bend Shooting

PRINEVILLE, Ore. – House Republican Leader Vikki Breese-Iverson and Senate Republican Leader Tim Knopp issued the following statements after three people, included the gunman, were killed in an east Bend shopping center.

“I am devastated to hear about the shooting in the Bend community and am also deeply saddened for the victims and their families. I will keep them in my prayers and ask others to do the same,” said Breese-Iverson.

“Thank you to our law enforcement who showed up quickly to protect our community. While we wait for the investigation to be completed, the initial facts demonstrate a need for enhanced mental health services. I am committed to working on Oregonian’s access and to and funding for quality mental health services,” concluded Breese-Iverson.

Senate Republican Leader Knopp added “Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of victims Glenn Bennett and Donald Surrett and those who were injured. I want to recognize Donald Surrett for his bravery and heroic effort which helped end an evil attack and likely saved lives.”

“It appears that once again, there were written threats before the tragedy, which had they been reported may have stopped this evil act from occurring. I am committed to the funding necessary to provide access to mental health services that will treat people with mental health issues before they gain access to a firearm,” concluded Knopp.

The two leaders are requesting that the Governor lower flags across the state to honor the victims.

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