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measure 110 & Drugs Survey

Did Measure 110 help or harm the communities in which you live and work? Your responses will help me represent you better as   repealing or reforming Measure 110 is a priority in the upcoming 2024 February Short Legislative Session.  Thank you for your help!

2024 Measure 110 Survey
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1. Did Measure 110 (the law that decriminalized drugs) help or harm our communities??
2. Will Measure 110 ever be effective without some mechanism of accountability requiring treatment (i.e. criminalization)?
3. Should we repeal Measure 110 all together or work on fixing it?
4. If we don’t repeal, but choose to criminalize possession again, should that be a Class C or Class A crime?
5. Do you believe drug treatment facilities should be funded with state tax payer dollars?
6. Do you support forcing treatment on repeat drug offenders? 
7. Would you support increased penalties for property crimes while on drugs? 
8. Would you support life sentence penalties for large drug traffickers bringing drugs into our state?