Jami believes in

Fighting for rural Oregon's needs

because one size doesn't fit all

Many rural Oregonians are hard-working people doing jobs that city folks just don’t want to do. We need to be educating, communicating, and legislating for rural Oregon. Urban politicians don’t understand how their for-city legislation can ruin life for our rural communities and our businesses.

As an agri-business owner and 5th-generation farmer herself, Jami won’t let Portland politicians’ agendas stand uncontested. She will continue fighting for what we actually need to survive, grow, and thrive.

“Jami is a unique Representative with passion, energy, and experience to serve the rural community.”

- Will Tucker

Linn County Commissioner

Jami believes in

Defending, not defunding police

because protection is invaluable

Jami knows that our Linn & Marion county families depend on the 24/7 conscientious hard-working efforts of our first responders. She is lending a strong voice towards preserving these services and investing in their continual improvement.

“Jami has the back of law enforcement and I could not ask for a better State Representative in Salem than Jami Cate.”

- Tim Mueller

Retired Linn County Sheriff

Jami believes in

Holding state agencies accountable

because Oregon deserves better

Oregonians want to know that their tax dollars, elected leaders, and state agencies are doing their best.

But if not enough elected leaders are doing their part to ask hard questions and hold each area accountable, we end up where we are now.

Jami believes we should fix those areas in our State government that are failing and then hold them accountable for the sake of Oregon’s future. Oregon’s hardworking people deserve much better.

Jami believes in

standing strong for family rights

because no one knows like a parent does

The unfortunate agenda of Portland politicians is to legislate that the State of Oregon should decide what’s best for a child. They want to remove important and fundamental rights of parents.

She strongly supports parents having the right to chose the education, the medication, and the career training of their children.

Raised to appreciate strong family values, Jami pours her soul into protecting the rights of our families, protection of our children, seniors, and the lives of the unborn.

Kori Sing

“I trust Jami to compassionately defend the vulnerable. She is pro-ALL-life. From the unborn to the elderly, and all those in between.”

- Kori Sing

Mother | Marion County Republican Precinct Person

Jami believes in

guarding our 2nd amendment rights

because once they're gone, they're gone

Portland politicians with their liberal agendas are seeking to limit, or even completely remove, this important American freedom.

Because so many of us in rural Oregon depend on the right to bear arms, Jami will continue working to ensure that those rights are diligently defended in the halls of the Salem legislature. She is endorsed by the National Rifle Association (NRA)

“Jami Cate has demonstrated unwavering support for the 2nd Amendment rights of all Oregonians. She can be trusted to bring common sense to Salem, represent her constituents in House District 11, and fight the special interest politicians attempting to ruin rural Oregonians.”

- Tim Mueller

Retired Linn County Sheriff

Thelma Toomb

Jami believes in

Working hard for seniors & the Vulnerable

because they should be cherished

With housing and healthcare costs rising across Oregon while access to quality care is diminishing, the needs of seniors and the vulnerable are being ignored by politicians with urban agendas. Jami is working to support seniors in Salem by supporting:

  • More affordable & accessible quality healthcare in rural Oregon
  • Increased affordable housing initiatives
  • Expanded support for those on fixed incomes
  • Reduced waiting periods in hospitals
  • Increased medical staffing in rural Oregon
  • Initiatives to end the opioid crisis by reducing their use
  • Increasing overwatch of both opioids and prescribed drugs in care centers and across the state.

“I have known Jami for over 15 years. She’s excellent as a State Representative. Her passion to help people, her faith, and respect she has for her elders is second to none.

- thelma toomb

Former First Lady of Lebanon

Jami also

Believes we should...

Open Schools Safely

Because parents need choices and our schools need immediate support from the State

Invest in the Future of Kids

Because adding vocational programs ASAP will help move our juniors and seniors into the workforce.

Spend Budgets Smartly

By prioritizing State spending to get dollars to essential

Hold the Line On No More

Because it's not time for more. We need to hold the line on no new taxes, fees, and regulations.

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