House Republican Caucus Sends Letter To Governor Tina Kotek

SALEM, OR – Today, the Oregon House Republican Caucus sent a letter to Governor Tina Kotek following her inaugural ceremony, making her the 39th Governor of Oregon.

The lawmakers addressed the deep partisan divide across the State of Oregon, and the hope of working together in a meaningful, bi-partisan way.

“As exemplified by a trying campaign for both the Executive and Legislative branches, it is clear that the partisan divide between Democrats and Republicans provides no benefit to the constituents that elected us,” said the House Republican Caucus. “The constituencies that our Caucus represent highlight the best that Oregon has to offer. Indeed, our Caucus provides valuable, real-world insight to a variety of policy debates, and by working together, we can solve the most pressing needs facing our State.”

In the letter, the Oregon House Republicans highlighted the pressing issues of homelessness, fiscal responsibility, community safety, and the need to support law enforcement. They also highlighted the reality that all laws enacted in Salem reach beyond the metropolitan areas, impacting rural Oregonians.

“Oregon’s rural communities provide vital resources for our state and over-burdensome regulations negatively impact those who provide our state’s most critical commodities,” said the House Republican Caucus.

The lawmakers stated that in-order-to solve many of Oregon’s most critical issues, taking a hard look at the reallocation of state dollars and government waste will be necessary. “Oregon must position itself to allocate scarce resources and funding to the greatest benefit.

This means continuing to monitor government waste and re-allocating monies for health care, education, agriculture, and housing,” said the House Republican Caucus.

The 2023 Legislative Session begins on Tuesday, January 17th. The full letter to Governor Kotek is attached.

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