Jami Cate

Farmer Strong Against Liberal Portland Agendas

Representing all of Oregon House District 17

Jami believes in

Representing You

The demands of the loud voices of Portland politicians is almost overwhelming. 

But Jami won’t buckle under the pressure. She’s applying her rural agri-business owner drive to work hard in Salem towards solving challenging problems creatively and intelligently.

She’s holding farm-girl strong for the needs and issues that matter most to us here in Linn & Marion Counties, even if it isn’t to popular thing to do in the House. 

She’s giving you her all while serving as your Representative voice in Salem.

Your Rights

Holding the line and pushing back against anti-2nd Amendment groups.

Your Safety

Our communities value police and Jami will NOT defund any department.

Your Values

Fixing and holding horrible State agencies accountable.

Your Future

Open the small communities for business. Cut red tape.

“I work for you–addressing the roots of Oregon’s problems, fighting for our Constitutional and 2nd Amendment freedoms, and holding our State government accountable.”

- Jami Cate


"Jami Cate is a dynamic force in the legislature. Both Marion & Linn counties can count on her!"



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